Thursday, August 16, 2012


I am now rereading Michael Dlouhy's Success in 10 Steps, now as a softcover book with a special new bonus section ("Proof That It's Not Your Fault! Discover How MLM "Opportunities" Stack The Deck Against You.")

Some of the MLM companies and business "opportunities" that I have mentioned on this blog are not around anymore, or haven't turned out as any real "opportunity" for my part. I have learned about this (direct selling) industry for 10+ years. It took Linda & Michael Dlouhy 13 years to "fail forward" until they found their mentor, Tom "Big Al" Schreiter. I met Michael Dlouhy and Tom Schreiter in 2006.

From the book, page 60 and 61:

I learned everything from Tom "Big Al" Schreiter. I plugged in, I'd listen completely to his albums while driving. ... That is what really led me into the personality studies. 400 years before Jesus Christ, the Greek physician and philosopher Hippocrates wrote about the four basic personality types."

I recently took a personality test on Marc Accetta's site and found out that I am now mostly green, then blue, red and yellow.

From my post, Mentoring For Free (with updated affiliate links):

I have signed up for Michael Dlouhy's Mentoring For Free telephone conferences. I am listening to the Color To Success CD at the moment. Are you red, blue, green or yellow? I am mostly green with some parts of red and blue and a pinch of yellow. If you want to check out Michael Dlouhy's long-time experience in the MLM industry, download the free e-book with the title, Success In 10 Steps. Have you found the right Network Marketing company yet?

I have now found the right network marketing company via introspection, studying and by "walking around" from place to place, finding the right mix of organizational leadership, business industry, and the perfect match for my sense-of-life as a renaissance man.

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