Saturday, May 22, 2010


I have joined Greenwin Network. From the affiliates page:

There are over 4 billion people using mobile phones and they are mostly paying big fees to call their contacts at home and overseas…but with the Green Win Network they and you can say hello freedom and bye bye roaming charges.

You see…when you call one of your contacts in the green win network your call is automatically routed via our servers over the internet…in fact we even show you on your phone display whether your contact is reachable via our network before you even make the call…so you know that your call is going to be connected for free…even when you are calling the other side of the world.

No connection charges…no roaming charges…just free unlimited calls.

Your call is connected immediately and the quality is excellent !

You can also make calls to numbers not in your contact list and we have taken care of that for you also. Those calls will give you a massive saving compared to what you would ususally pay. Our network currently covers calls to over 100 countries….with more countries coming soon.

But the killer APP here is when you introduce your contacts using our push button invite. Your send the invite and your contacts have instant access to start making free calls. All they need to do is accept the invite and they are automatically in the system for the 7 DAY FREE TRIAL.

They don’t even need to register.
But don’t worry as our system tracks their number just like we track cookies via the web site. So when they do come to sign up the system knows that it is your referral.

This is powerful stuff as you are creating a viral tsunami that can spread globally as more and more people join your 10 level unlimited width referral network that can make you a 5 or even 6 figure income in commissions…and because the subscription fee is renewable…you can build a passive residual commission income plus make all the calls you want for free or at up to 98% savings. (

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