Saturday, September 30, 2006


Due to my hectic work schedule and lack of lunch breaks and time to sit down and eat a full dinner menu, I have been looking into the field of nutritional food and dietary supplements. My friend Lee Sandstead doesn't like regular vegetables, so he had a batch of Ageless Xtra on his trip to Sweden. I tasted a bottle of it and enjoyed the taste. [Editor's comment: I think team member, Dave Stone, could tell us more about Univera LifeSciences and its products.]

I have started to read Cole Woolley's book, Ageless Nutrition. You could see two of Agel's products in the picture: UMI with Fucoidan (found in brown seaweed) and FIT with hydroxycitric acid.

Ageless Nutrition

What's your favorite nutraceutical or functional food?

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