Wednesday, June 28, 2006


In the June issue of Portfolio magazine ("Magazine on the marketing of the future") you could read articles on direct selling and network marketing. The author describes a comeback for the personal meeting. Tupperware Brands Corporation and Oriflame are mentioned.

Members of Team Jonathan and individuals belonging to other organizations (e.g., Amway, Forever Living Products, Herbalife, Mary Kay and Nu Skin Enterprises) are participating in a round table discussion on network marketing on a regular basis. We are having the meetings at our place (Blue Chip Café) in Gothenburg.

Today I had an interesting conversation with Dave Stone of A Different Kind of Biz. We were discussing the possibilities of starting an international blog discussion on what is going on in the MLM industry.

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Dave Stone said...


I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and look forward to putting together the forum we discussed. I think it is a great idea!